At nandi there are products that we collect or buy from various artisans and partners (such as NGO’s) and products we closely produce and create with a team of artisans. Our payment terms are proposed by the artisans with whom we work. All our products are handcrafted in a sustainable manner, by local artisans.

The first country - outside of Europe - we traveled to together, which was now 5 years ago for holidays. When we went back there our purpose was to find artisans and craftmens to work with us. There are products that we buy directly from the artisans – such as Cactus Silk cushions and rugs and products we produce for nandi. Our Raffia Sandals are made by a group of women near Essaouira which takes them around 1 day per pair. The sole is made by a shoemaker in Marrakech. All other products are sourced while our trips to Morocco which are happening at least twice year to build up a deeper connection to the artisans.

Vanessa is half Peruvian and traveled lot’s of times to Peru to get to know her mothers country. In the beginning of our nandi journey, we brought the beautiful Frazadas, decor alpacas and co. ourselves in big suitcases from Peru. Nowadays we are lucky to have some beautiful souls in Peru helping us to coordinate the product sourcing and production. All our Frazada cushions and rugs are handwoven in Cusco, in the Andes. Our decor alpacas are made by two artisans in Lima and the baskets are handwoven in Trujillo, in the north of Peru.

Leonie travels almost every year to Brasil and has due to her boyfriend a deep connection to this country. Every time she would bring some new treasures back home which are all handmade by indigenous tribes in the Amazon.

Our partner Eugenia is a Mexican woman which moved recently to Berlin. Together with her aunt which lives near Puebla she coordinates the production of our beautiful Puebla Dresses and Blouses. All of them are handmade in the little village near Puebla. The embroidery is always one of a kind and mostly lot's of typical flowers and birds which are hand-stitched on a thick cotton fabric, there also known as „Manta“. Our Animalitos and Pompom's from Yucuninu are made in Chiapas in direct relationship with artisan cooperatives. Every purchase made helps to keep traditions alive & sustain the livelihood of Mexican artisans & their families.

Both of us have a deep connection to Indonesia and especially Bali since we spent a long time traveling there. Our beautiful Ata Bag’s are produced by a group of different artisans on Bali. The weaving process happens in Seraya Karang by a small Balinese family which takes up to three days per bag. To get the brown color of each bag, they put them in a big oven with coco fibre in the village Bungaya Karangasem. The cotton lining is made in Bebandem Karang and the final finishing in Denpasar. Next to our rattan Bag’s, the handfans (also called "Kipas Lontar") are also made by the family from Seraya Karang.

A partnership we started one year ago and which is very emotional for us since the conflict and ongoing war in Syria. Together with I LOVE SYRIA Founder Rania and the beautiful girls of her Workshop in Damascus, we designed 2 custom colorways of crochet bags.

our beautiful sisal baskets are made by a number of Women's Groups which make handicrafts and are represented by Hadithi Crafts Support CBO which is an umbrella organization. Hadithi sells crafts from the Women’s Groups found in the Wildlife Works’ Project Area, helping to financially empower more than 550 women. Hadithi also plays a supportive role for these Women’s Groups by helping them to build their capacity, improve the quality of their products and help to improve sales through joint marketing efforts. All products from the Women’s Groups are sold under the name Hadithi, meaning ‘a story’ in Swahili. This name resonates because with every product the customer is given the story behind the individual or group of women it was made by, some information about the area the group is from, and often a photograph of the lady or group. All of the profits from Hadithi sales, as well as any other money received from donations to Hadithi CBO, are used only to offer support to these Women’s Groups.

Helga and Frank (who is from Ghana) are our partners behind the beautiful Straw Hat’s from Bolgatanga which is in the Northern part of the country - almost on the border to Burkina Faso. Every year in winter they are traveling to Ghana to bring back some beautiful treasures that are handmade by some of his family members.