We have passionately managed NANDI for seven years. Seven years we wouldn’t trade for anything. Seven years during which we have laughed, cried, and learned a lot. We have learned what it means to start your own business - that you need an incredible amount of perseverance, patience, and trust. That we have been through all this together - as friends - is probably our greatest success.

This team picture, Vanessa with her adorable daughter Lima and Leonie with a baby in her belly :) is a farewell. A farewell that is not easy for us but feels right. Leonie will soon be a mom and will leave Germany at the end of the year. Vanessa wants to devote more time to her family and has made the decision that NANDI would not be the same if she continued on her own. 

We don't want this to be a sad farewell as we are INCREDIBLY grateful. Grateful for every single person who has accompanied and supported us for the last seven years and been a part of this story. We think of our online and offline customers, partners, temps, freelancers, and all the craftsmen we met in the last few years. We have learned so much from you! Besides all the great people who have entered our lives, we would like to say a special thank you to our partners and families. Without you, none of this would have been possible.

We are closing this chapter with a GOODBYE SALE - your last chance to buy our NANDI treasures with very high discounts. The sale takes place on and offline and ends when it ends ;)

We will close our store by May - so feel free to visit us before then!

Thank you thank you and endless love to you!

Leonie & Vanessa