Nifty Knits Kiondo Shopper 5

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These amazingly colorful & creative bags are woven from recycled sweaters. The weavers buy sweaters en masse, then carefully unravel them to make bundles of yarn which are re-woven around a sisal framework to the designs of the weaver, resulting in a beautiful one-of-a-kind basket or bag.

Traditionally, a Kenyan mother would craft a kiondo for her daughter upon marriage. The Nifty Knits are soft and all have leather handles.

The Basket Room is an ethical lifestyle brand, specializing in handwoven baskets and accessories made in Africa. Woven with vibrant colours & unique patterns, they work directly with weaving cooperatives in rural Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda & Zimbabwe to create stunning collections.

With buying these baskets you support women groups in Kenya.

  • 100 % recycled wool sweaters, leather handles
  • 44cm high,  50cm width, 30cm handles
  • Colored with natural dyes 

All our products are handmade and may have slight imperfections, which make them even more beautiful and charming.

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