Sani, Round Ata Bag Button

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All our bags are made by a team of beautiful artisans around Seraya, Karangasem on Bali. Each bag is made by hand from the Ata grass  (Ata - from the family of rattan palm) First the grasses are dried for 5-7 days. The bag is then braided from the grasses which takes the artisans up to 5 days per bag. Afterwards they "smoke" them for 5 days in a large oven with coco fibre. After 7 days of drying in the sun they are finally finished!

  • Bag: Rattan 
  • Handles: Leather 
  • Shutter: Button
  • Inside: Cotton Lining (Palm Pattern or Plain Beige)
  • Round shape Ø20cm, Leather straps: approx. 120cm long 
  • Please note that all of the bags have a different cotton lining also the button can be slightly different (shape and color) than showed in the pictures!

To create the beautiful brown color all of the bag stay in a big oven with coco fibre.  This is why there may be a subtle smoked scent that will fade in time!

All our products are handmade and may have slight imperfections, which make them even more beautiful and charming.

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