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Sisal Basket Green

These coloured baskets are made out of the fibres from agave leaves. In an advanced procedure, the Sisal gets harvested, washed, coloured, dried and finally processed into beautiful works of art. The baskets can be used as a plant holder, to storage your make up or just to brighten up a shelf!

With buying those baskets you support the women groups in Madagascar.

- 100 % Sisal
- Coloured with natural dyes (colours could bleach out when leaving them in harsh sunlight)
- If using your basket as a plant pot, be sure to keep your plant in a smaller plastic pot on a saucer.

The sisal baskets are available in three sizes:

- size S: 12cm high, 18cm width
- size M: 14cm high, 20cm width
- size L: 16cm high, 23cm width

 All our products are handmade and may vary in form and size, which make them even more beautiful and charming.

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