Vodù Scented Candle

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Nuubou - candles are hand-poured in small batches into amber-colored jars and give a warm light when burning. The candles are made of 100% soy wax, high quality premium fragrance oils and cotton wicks that burn soot-free.

A fragrance composition of black oud, lavender, dark patchouli and amber.

Vodù means "spirit" and represents the invisible powers around us. This candle is particularly suitable for meditation practice due to its warm and woody oud scent, obtained from the dark oily resin, among other things. This occult scent tunes your rooms into a Delphic atmosphere. Take some time for yourself and let the powers of this composition work around you and on you.

- Handmade in Berlin
- Size: 180ml 
- Soy wax and cotton wick
- Burn time approx. 35 hours
- Glasses can be reused after thorough cleaning 

Precautions for use :

Do not leave your burning candle unattended. Keep away from children.

Never move your candle when burning and never put it directly on cold surfaces such as marble. When your candle has been burning for four hours running, extinguish it to allow the wax to cool. Make sure the wick remains straight and well centred. Make a delicate cut to leave an inch long wick before relighting, or if the flame gets too high. When the candle has burned down to 7mm, do not relight it and extinguish the candle.