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The “BLOOM” Phone Necklace is the ideal choice to welcome spring and the ultimate accessory to highlight your look with this year’s darling colour: pale purple.

It embodies the balance of red’s stimulation and blue’s calm. It is said to have the power to uplift, calm nerves and encourage creativity, making it an all-inclusive choice and the perfect companion to practice your Zen and Mindfulness.

The unobtrusive “BLOOM” with gold endcaps has a light, sophisticated feel to it and a freshness that rings in the start of something new like wild flowers waking up from hibernation to bloom and grow into a midsummer night’s dream.

It’s time to trade in your cozy bedroom for strolls and BBQs in the sun. Start packing away your big coats and dig out your spring favourites. Mix and match the “BLOOM” Phone Necklace with pastel colours, floaty garments, casual T-Shirts and sneakers that carry you through spring in style while keeping your hands free and your phone close to capture the best moments along the way.

Spring has sprung!

Cord Features:

Braided PPM cord with core. PPM is made from Polypropylene multifilament fibre. Polypropylene does not absorb moisture which makes the rope weather resistant and dry quickly. PPM cord is light weight, feels smooth and doesn't get dirty quickly which is perfect for any outdoor activities.


  • Hollow braided (coreless)

  • Silky, shiny and smooth surface

  • Weather and dirt resistant

  • Non-toxic, safe for humans (OEKO-TEX®)

  • Lightweight


  • Diameter: Ca. 6 mm.

  • Material: Polyester.

  • Weight: 3 gram per meter.

  • 16 strands. 

Please note that this case does not guarantee 100% security for your Phone and it can get scratches from the splitrings. Or if dust gets inside the case, it can scratch the back of your phone.

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